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About Our Program

Eastmount Park Softball is a non-profit, co-ed softball program in the City of Hamilton for children ages 4-18 (located at 115 East 26th Street). 

Eastmount Park Softball was designed with your child's safety and enjoyment in mind. We strictly adhere to our Zero Tolerance Policies. Our goal is to create a place where children can play, learn, fail and succeed in a kind and caring environment; where adults are models of courtesy and respect. Eastmount Park Softball is always looking for volunteers as we are a volunteer-based program. Our volunteers are amazing people that give of their time throughout the summer to make sure that every child has an enjoyable experience.

To enable the children to develop their skills before the season begins, we offer free t-ball and softball clinics to those who register. 

Thank-you for your interest in Eastmount Park Softball,

Michael Trafford


Eastmount Park Softball & Community Council

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